Book Review: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives


Collectively launched by citizens through a butterfly-effect creation in November, the 332-page book titled, “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives. (OWEL) Everyday Stories of Inspirational Women” honours the lives of women who have shaped us and celebrates their strength and unconditional, unshaken love.

The OWEL’s launch press release describes it as: “the gripping anthology of 29 untold stories and a poem are written by 30 women and men who collectively, paint a picture of what life was like for most women spanning across the 19th, 20th and 21st century in Malaysia. Through these accounts, it is hoped that more people will have a deeper appreciation of the lives of ordinary women beyond their common duties of being mother and homemaker.”

“From courageous housewives battling poverty and patriarchy to career women juggling multiple extra-family responsibilities, this book is a testament to the fortitude and humility of these everyday heroines,” it adds.

A not-for-profit initiative of ordinary citizens, the book is a labour of love and conviction without any funding support.

Retailing at RM45 (paperback) at bookstores, readers can get it at the price of RM30 (early bird discount) when ordered directly from Chan Lean Heng and Molly N.N. Lee, editors of the book, by calling 012 987 3130 or email Price does not include shipping while payment can be done before or upon delivery.

Plus, one can opt to sponsor copies to over 2450 school libraries, related institutions and welfare homes or orphanages in Malaysia to open up the hearts and minds, especially of the younger generation. Priced at RM30 per copy, your sponsorship will be tastefully stamped in the book.

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Tan Mei Kuan

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