Rabies Scare in Larut Matang District

The Health Ministry has declared Taiping and Bukit Gantang, in the District of Larut Matang, as rabies infected areas effective Monday, January 14.

Two members of a family from Taman Sri Kota Fasa 2, Taiping were bitten by a pet dog believed to be infected with the disease. The incident happened on Tuesday, December 25, 2018. The dog had been put down.

Thirty samples from strays found within a two-km radius of Taman Sri Kota were taken to determine the spread. Three were confirmed as positive. The Perak Veterinary Department is in the process of taking more samples in adjoining areas.

The districts of Kerian, Kuala Kangsar and Kinta are now under the department’s surveillance. Culling of strays found in these areas is underway.

Residents are advised to keep their pet dogs and cats in their compounds. Do not allow them to wonder around. Report strays (dogs and cats) which are acting strangely to the nearest veterinary department or district council office for action.

Luqman Hakim

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