10 Hectare Clearing of Kledang Range

We are the residents of Taman Buluh Emas and are very disappointed with the development that’s taking place in our area.

We used to see this beautiful mountain scenery welcoming us..as we step out from our house…now it’s getting bare.

Bulldozer sitting up there.

See a road path, a beautiful green hill is going…going…gone!! Sad.

Why should we compromise our beautiful nature to some developers who are not taking into account the damage that’s going to happen in the future: flooding erosion…the heat is getting unbearable each day.

What measures are we taking to protect and preserve nature that’s God-given??


I read with dismay about this happening in the Star newspaper.

Apparently, the land belongs to MB Inc. Do you have any idea about how the land status was changed from forest reserve to development?

This is sad indeed and obviously requires a study on the laws governing development on hillside land.

Julian Putra

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