Thanks, but no Thanks!

Someone conveniently hung a packet of, probably, half drunk Ipoh White coffee on our (Ipoh Echo) fence recently. What’s happened to our civic-mindedness? Where has it gone?

It’s also not uncommon these days to see a neighbour casually walking from across the road with a bag of garbage and plonking it in front or the back of your house, whichever the case, together with your rubbish. What happened to the civic lessons we learnt in “elementary” school, or do they even stress that nowadays? “Give back to the teacher” as the saying goes. Shall we sing “this land is my land, this garbage is yours…?” and we complain that MBI is not doing their job in keeping our beautiful bougainvillea city clean. Come on people, do your part and ‘Make Ipoh Clean’ again!

SH Ong

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