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An Update On Michelle’s Noodles

SeeFoon gets news on her two Favourite Eateries

When Michelle announced that she was closing her stall at Laluan Perajurit 1, I was worried that there was the end of my love affair with offal as Michelle’s specialities revolve around innards. Not only does she offer up the cleanest, freshest pig kidneys I have ever tasted anywhere but most of the offal from a pig is here, from liver to intestines, to tripe. Given that organ meat is touted to be healthier than regular meat, Michelle’s is the stall I go to when I have the urge for some innards.

This being her third move in five years, it makes me wonder what it is about landlords of coffee shops that are causing this peripatetic activity. But Michelle’s fans will follow her to the ends of the earth as each bowl of noodles or congee is freshly cooked bowl-by-bowl and one can choose amongst a plethora of ingredients which are pre-prepared as is the stock which Michelle cooks fresh every day, starting from when her stall closes, for a total of six hours!

Non-offal eaters have no worries because Michelle also has fish noodle soup, fish paste, pork and other seafood. As well as that perennial favourite congee with century egg and sliced pork.

And now with the new location, she has added some fried fresh prawn rolls to her selection; RM1.80 each.

Michelle’s price is reasonable with bowls starting at RM5.50 for fish paste or sliced pork and the highest at RM11 for the Confinement Noodle with the Special Glutinous Rice Wine. Specials include their homemade glutinous rice wine with whole chicken thigh at RM25 and their Bitter Gourd Fish Head Noodles (fried fresh) at RM16/18 S/L. And let’s not forget their Pig’s Stomach Soup on Wednesday and Sundays only.

I wish her good luck in her new location and hope that this is a permanent location at least for the next 10 years

Michelle Noodles
15 & 17 Lebuh Bercham Selatan
Taman Cahaya Tasek, 31400 Ipoh.
Tel: 016 501 3639
4°37’25.8”N 101°07’24.8”E
Business hours: 7am-2pm; closed Thursdays.
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