Letter: Modern Day Poverty

This local Ipoh community story must be told. Also, best be told by a few community members who are motivated to do better. Everyday of the week, we have dwellers in Canning Garden, Ipoh dump home rubbish and refuse in public spaces especially along the road curbs. How convenient. This subconscious selfish habit interprets as “I want to keep my house clean, so I can litter and dump my rubbish at the road curb.”

In a small experiment to understand the ‘human behaviour’ some of us have initiated to put up a couple of ‘polite thank you for not dumping’ notices to create awareness of this poor community habit. We were told by other fellow residences, “the people here won’t listen, we cannot do anything to help.” True to the statement, a week later the rubbish kept piling up in the road curb again. This time a rubbish bin was provided by a concerned resident who also collects the rubbish thrown by others and puts it into the bin. A couple of hours later, the rubbish in the bin was found strewn outside the bin, as the above picture shows.

Objectively, are we dealing with modern day poverty? What can we do to help address this issue? This is a common problem in Ipoh, and we all know it. MBI has not been able to address it and partly it their rubbish collection process that has encouraged this poor community behaviour. Let’s address this community issue collectively.

Concerned Ipohites

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