Urgent Need for a Mayor

At an Open House on June 19, former Ipoh mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim expressed hope that the currently empty position of Ipoh mayor will be filled as soon as possible.

“As a figure to realise the government’s goals, the mayor sparks a city’s development, which is why in Ipoh’s context, the post cannot be left empty for long because the mayor connects the government and Ipohites,” he said in an open house on Wednesday, June 19.

Ipoh mayor from 2007 to 2014, Roshidi said that the unattended mayor post has not happened before.

“It could be due to the government wanting to ensure that the next Ipoh mayor is able to realise the developments around Ipoh,” he explained.

“I am sure the government has done their best by assigning powers temporarily to the secretary of Ipoh City Council (MBI) until a new mayor is elected,” Roshidi added.

He hopes the new mayor will be able to report for duty in July as promised by the government.

Rosli Mansor

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