Tiny Steps

By Mei Kuan

Ipoh-born duo, Crystal Lee and Yaw Yi Xin, founded Tiny Steps in May 2018 with the aim to spread environmental awareness and share sustainable innovation ideas to inspire the new generation.

Self-funded and non-profitable, its name, Tiny Steps reflects how sustainability requires all efforts, no matter how small, from the community. Plus, it serves as a motto that great impacts are achieved by taking take small steps with long-term consistency.

The 27-year-old high school buddies travel everywhere in Malaysia in order to conduct presentations, talks, workshops, events and seminars among others for schools, universities and the public at least once a month.

“We received a lot of response especially from university students because they are our future. We are very proud to see the youngsters participate and take the initiative to make positive impacts. The public can relate to how our daily lives are interconnected with social issues and environmental affairs. For example, bring your own bags and straws to reduce plastic intake! All these small gestures can make huge impacts,” Crystal explained.

When asked on what keeps them doing what they are doing, she enthused, “As Yi Xin is exceptionally passionate about social and environmental impacts, I got it from her. To absorb new knowledge continuously to educate our community gives me a sense of purpose.”

The latest sustainable products are available at Tiny Steps’ website with its proceeds going towards sustainable causes.

“We give away these sustainable living starter packs to students during every talk we give at schools and universities. The products sold online are mainly for those who have no idea where to get them. We hope Ipoh manufacturers with similar or related products to contact us as we’d love to spread the effort Ipohites put to protect the environment,” the amiable Crystal added.

Tiny Steps is now gathering like-minded volunteers to coordinate more community activities in the future.

To get involved, readers can call Crystal at 018 572 1398 or Yi Xin at 012 526 8233.

To find out more, check out the Tiny Steps website ( or email to


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