Perak State Sports Corporation

By Luqman Hakim

Despite the passage of the Perak State Sports Corporation Enactment, maintenance and upgrading work at the various state’s sports complexes are still unsatisfactory.

According to Howard Lee, Executive Councillor for Youth and Sports Development, the enactment was initiated by the previous government (between 2014 and 2017). However, no visible improvements have been seen, as yet.

“The enactment is being refined and it’ll be brought for deliberation in the next assembly meeting,” said Howard Lee in response to a question by Rungkup state assemblyman, Dato’ Shahrul Zaman at the recent state assembly session.

Howard too mentioned that a secretariat under the State Secretary has been established to consider an appropriate mechanism for maintenance purposes.

“The secretariat is established to ensure proper maintenance guidelines so they don’t incur losses,” Howard mentioned. “It’s also meant to launch Perak State Sports Corporation in line with the state’s aspiration to transform Ipoh Sports Complex from a ‘cost centre’ to ‘social responsibility profit centre’.”

“We’ve expanded the corporation’s roles to not only manage and regulate the physical conditions of sports facilities but also to sustain its fundraising model in accordance with the economic vision of the state government,” he remarked.

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