A Day with Khairil Anuar aka Beto

By Ivana Qartika

Adidas held its first ‘Back To School’ programme in Anderson School, Ipoh, recently. Twenty lucky students were able to try out the test boots from Adidas, in conjunction with the launch of their NEMZIZ, PREDATOR, X and COPA from the Hardwired Pack. The one-day event included an exclusive sharing session by Coach Aminuddin and famous Malaysian footballer Khairil Anuar, also best known as Beto.

Coach Aminuddin and Beto gave their guidance and taught the boys lessons on shooting, passing, dribbling scoring and tackling. The two also gave the boys a few tips and tricks that would further help them in their future training sessions. The topics shared included their personal training regime, daily routines, food consumption and lifestyle habits.

The students were split into two groups for a friendly match as Coach Aminuddin, their friends, their family and Beto gave their utmost support. They were ecstatic in seeing their favourite homegrown player personally giving them lessons. When asked about how he felt, Beto was proud to be back in his alma mater as he was an Ipoh Andersonian himself.

“We should focus on the growth of the youth and shape them from an early age,’’ Beto told Ipoh Echo. He admitted that it was a delight teaching the kids, and although some of them had a tough time understanding directions in English, they showed high levels of eagerness and obedience.

“I see a lot of potential in these kids and I am certain that they will bring our country’s name to great heights in the football world’’ Beto personally told Ipoh Echo.

At the closing ceremony, Beto presented a signed jersey and 20 footballs to help inspire the students in their training. Two students were awarded for their great performances and hard work after being observed. Yugendran s/o Jayashanker and Adam Danish bin Awal Hadi both received full body kits courtesy of Adidas. The kits included football boots, a jersey, shorts and socks which would later come in handy for them during future training.

Beto confessed that it was a very memorable day. “I would not think twice if I was asked to be involved in similar events in the future,’’ he added.

Adidas Kids store recently opened its doors in IOI Putrajaya on August 3. The store would be the first Adidas Kids’ store in the country. For more information on their upcoming events and product release, visit and their Instagram page.

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