Give Chance A Dance

By Joelyn Jonathan

‘Chance’ for us symbolises individuals who require special help while ‘Dance’ symbolises the encouragement created by the younger generation who are passionate in performing arts,” said organising chairman and Director of D Artiz Studio Nicklauz Kok during the ‘Give Chance a Dance’ (Vol 4) event.

The two-day event from November 16 to 17, organised by D Artiz Studio and Hope for Autism Society, was held at Aeon Mall Klebang, Ipoh.

The aim of the event was to collect funds and donate them to Hope for Autism Society, Ipoh and will be used for the learning centre’s monthly operation costs and at the same time to upgrade the learning environment and content.

Perak State Assemblyman Ong Boon Piow and the Director of the National Department for Culture and Arts, Abdul Rashid were two of the VIPs invited for the event.

During Ong’s speech, he stated that the new government encourages and welcomes such healthy activities.

“Such activities may help individuals spend their time doing something beneficial rather than just wasting it on their electronic gadgets. I hope that parents would encourage their children to participate more in such activities. At the same time, I would like to compliment D Artiz Studio for organising such a meaningful event for the past four years,” he added.

In the end, the event managed to collect a total of RM10,000.

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