Have You Heard About Competition Law?

By Joelyn Jonathan

“My professor from King’s College London once taught me about Competition Law. The lecture was so delightful that ever since then I got hooked to it,” said James Huntzen Ong during a book launch on Tuesday, November 12 at Cititel Express Hotel, Ipoh.

The book entitled, “Freeing The Market – A Handbook of Competition Law” second edition is a book that explains the development of Competition Law in Malaysia.

Written by three authors namely, James Huntzen Ong, Gavin Gore-Andrews and Chan Kok Keong, the book highlights recent cases in Malaysia which involve Google, Qualcomm, Air Asia-Malaysia Airlines, European Truck Producers Cartel and the US Supreme Court decision in Vitamin C litigation.

“Competition Law is not against monopoly or successful companies. It only acts in control and prevents the abuse of such dominant positions. This law is not only limited to enterprises doing business domestically. If your enterprise sells goods or provides services abroad, you will be subjected to this law,” added James during his speech.

According to James, this book was written in order to create awareness among the public that Competition Law is almost applicable to all products.

When asked how did the idea of the book came about, Chan Kok Keong, founder partner of Chan & Associates, said that the genesis of this book came from his career.

“I heard about Competition Law when I was in university but I became more interested in it as a result of a minority shareholders action that I was doing,” said Chan.

The books are currently not available at any major bookstores. To get your hands on a copy, contact Chan & Associates at 05 254 5293.

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