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Appreciating the Beauty of Handcrafted Rattan

By Gisele Soo

Aun Hin Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a furniture shop in Ipoh with historical significance as it is one of the last few shops that practices the craft of hand-weaving rattan furniture.

As we move towards the future, things of the past will end up becoming memories and ghosts to the younger generations.

As the saying goes, “Never forget your roots, never forget where you come from, because when you do it’s a long road home,” but what are we doing?

Abandoning and leaving behind the things that were once so meaningful to us.

In recent years, people’s lack of interest in rattan has become increasingly visible. “People no longer visit our shop and the business is dying,” said 89-year-old Cheong who has been working at the shop for more than 70 years.

He added, “Despite the slow business, I have always enjoyed the task given to me, weaving rattan is fun and at the same time it still is challenging”.

Cheong still hopes that people will learn to appreciate the beauty in craftsmanship from a bygone age.

If you have an eye and admiration for the craft of rattan furniture, do drop by Aun Hin Enterprise. You can find a vast variety of goods including a rattan rocking horse for kids.

It is located at 52 Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Hugh Low Street, 30000 Ipoh.

For more information, call 05 254 7001. The shop opens daily from Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am to 5.45pm.


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