Groceries for the Needy

Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development via Social Welfare Department is providing groceries to the needy especially those who have lost their income or have difficulties getting food supplies.

Individual request could be made directly to the district social welfare office / state operations room / Social Welfare Department, referral by community leaders or call to Talian Kasih 15999.

Perakeans in need of help and NGOs wishing to contribute can contact the state’s welfare department operations room at 05 2545505 (24 hours).

Every application will be verified by Social Welfare Department. The grocery delivery will be done with the aid of Malaysian Volunteer Corps Department (RELA) and Civil Defence Force.

According to national statistics dated April 22, a total of 312 569 grocery packages have been distributed.


Pictures are from Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development Facebook page.


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