Religious School Staff Has Undergone Screening

All students and staff of Quranic schools in Perak have been screened for COVID-19 at least once and some were screened twice under instructions by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

According to the chairman of Perak Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran Association (PEMATAP), Mohd Azlan Suhaimi, apart from COVID-19 screening, most religious schools in the state had also been disinfected.

“All 116 Quranic schools in Perak complied with the Movement Control Order (MCO) regulations enforced by the federal government and Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk),” he elaborated in a statement dated today, June 1. “None of them are currently in operation. Even if there is one, the state government would have performed much stricter monitoring.

“Management of Quranic schools in the state are waiting for standard operating procedures (SOP) that need to be adhered to when they are allowed to operate again,” Mohd Azlan added.

In the meantime, he informed that PEMATAP is seriously looking into an allegation made viral in social media that claimed a student who caught the virus at Pondok Tahfiz As-Sharif Seri Jaya in Batu Gajah.

Its principal, Ustaz Azizul Yahya denied the allegation and had lodged a police report.

“Public fear isn’t the only outcome that could result from it; it also negatively affects the school’s good name, as well as other Quranic schools in the state and the country,” he expressed. “Hopefully, whoever started the  allegation realises their wrongdoing.”

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  1. Just wondering, will those private tahfizs and madrasahs be screened for Covid-19 as well? Because according to this news report, more than 1000 private madrasahs and tahfizs across the country have not come forward to be screened yet Would love to know if there’s a government body/religion body thats in charge of the health issues of these private schools(in Ipoh and the rest of the country).

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