JPW Helps Overcome Rural Domestic Violence

The Women’s Development Department (JPW) and some 100 NGOs from Perak will be organising an awareness campaign against domestic violence for rural communities. 

JPW director, S. Kavaramma stated that inadequate internet connections and little to no access to mobile gadgets are primary factors of rural communities not obtaining enough information about domestic violence. 

“Our objective is to extend this campaign to rural areas in ensuring those in risk of abuse have the knowledge in countering problems and obtaining the right help,” she told reporters at the launch of the campaign in Greentown Health Clinic on July 10.

“We’ll be giving talks and distributing brochures to estate residents in order for them to know the process of lodging complaints, should they are victims of abuse,” Kavaramma added. 

Also present were Pertubuhan Wanita Prihatin Perak (PWPP) chairman, Datin Normah Hanum Ibrahim and Ipoh South Rotary Club President, P. Pathma Devi. 

According to Kavaramma, most domestic violence victims refrain from lodging reports due to fear of losing source of income and a roof over their heads. 

“We welcome NGOs in joining this campaign,” she expressed. “They can reap the chance to apply for the treasury’s special assistance grant for allocation of funds for the campaign.” 


Rosli Mansor 

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