The Champions 19/20 Celebration

LFCM (Liverpool Football Club Malaysia) Ipoh, known locally as KOP End Ipoh, had their official launch in conjunction with their team winning the Premier League after 30 years. Fans, some from Kuala Lumpur with their team’s colour, Red, started assembling at Little Village Restaurant & Bar as early as 5.00pm on Saturday, July 18.  

KOP End Ipoh chairman, Moses Ooi, said it took him 5 years to organize this event having established this group via WhatsApp. This is indeed an opportune time to launch the club albeit hindered by the MCO. This event was further enhanced by the support of KL Kopites and the President of LFCM, Dato Yasran Husin and his Deputies Sashidaran Batmanathan and Sundarresan Raman who graced the event. Also in attendance was Dato M Karuthu, our very own ex-footballer and ex-coach of the Malaysian team.

After the singing of their motto “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, a cake-cutting ceremony was conducted by committee members, Moses Ooi, Peter Ho, Ernest Balasingam , Edwin Siebel and the invited guests. This was followed by some games and lucky draws. Everyone had an enjoyable time at the function and the chairman thanked all for their attendance and support and looked forward to their next meeting. 

SH Ong

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  1. The Champions19/20 Celebration.
    LCFM( LIverpool Football club Malaysia)
    The above article well written . Detail and intetesting.

  2. The article on the Champions 19/20 celebration LCFM IPOH ..written by SH ONG ..WELL WRITTEN. Detail and interesting. 👍

  3. I was “transported” to the event through reading this vivid, descriptive article by SH Ong. Well done !

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