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Pavithra an Iconic Perakean

Renowned Buntong-born S. Pavithra, 28, has been recognised as an iconic Perakean for her efforts in sharing Indian cuisine and cooking videos on YouTube. 

According to the Ipoh mayor, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, the ‘2020 Iconic Perakeans Award’ will be presented to a total of 100 recipients.

“Thus, Pavithra is the very first recipient of the award shared to the public,” he told reporters at a media session in Ipoh City Council (MBI) recently. “The award recognises Perakeans who excel in any type of career, skill or hobby.”

Earlier this month, Pavithra and her husband, M. Sugu, 29, thus the moniker ‘Sugu Pavithra’ (which is also the name of their channel), was awarded with the ‘Silver Play Button’ by YouTube, for having 100,000 subscribers. At the present, the couple has garnered at least 779,000 subscribers!

“We thank everyone who supported and gave encouraging words to us along the way,” she expressed gratefully. 

Meanwhile, MBI announced a few tourism development plans for Ipoh, which include the Ipoh Tourism Triangle (covering Gunung Lang, D.R. Seenivasagam Park, Ipoh Padang) and Ipoh Old Town, extending to Paloh Mosque and Kampung Kuchai areas.

“Hopefully, these projects will enliven the city and attract more visitors to Ipoh,” Rumaizi enthused.


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