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Rediscover Oneself via Combination Art 

We’ve heard of the common visual art styles such as abstract art, expressionism and art nouveau, to name a few among many more. But have you heard of combination art? Let’s find out more with Ipoh Echo’s latest art trail to Sawmill Living Museum in Bukit Merah!

Organised by Mein Ding Gallery Studio, the exhibition is visualised by Alice Ng, Nik Linda Hew @ Mekkolupo and Peter Witzigmann, more known as Peter W, which will be lasting till the end of the year.

Director and art facilitator for Mein Ding, Alice said that Peter is stuck in Europe for the time being due to international lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

“Peter is a very spontaneous artist; his style is unconventional. Whenever inspiration sparks his mind, he’ll immediately realise it. Contrary to many other artists out there, Peter paints to invoke thoughts among individuals, instead of just being an art piece to be looked at,” she told us during the opening of the exhibition recently.

“We’re honoured to have Peter on board for this art exhibition. We’ve decided to hold it here at Sawmill Living Museum due to its naturalistic setting. Other than displaying portrait pieces, we hope that visitors are enticed by what we have to offer,” Alice added.

“We also have Mr Tan Kai Lek to thank for his collaboration in letting us adopt his space for the exhibition. Despite all of us coming from different backgrounds, our tremendous love for the arts connected us deeply,” she expressed with gratitude.

Alice and Linda are also offering healing art workshops, Hangout Art, which encourages participants to explore the artist in them, besides to reconnect with their authentic self.

“Every one of us is human after all. Through these workshops, we would like for people to realise that there is much more to life than merely carrying out one’s responsibilities as an individual to society.

“Thus, this exhibition and workshops are also a space for people to experience out-of-the-box art and reconnect themselves with purity, wisdom and spirit of nature.

“The problem with most people nowadays is that they hardly take the time to relax and catch up with their basic emotional needs, like love, mutual respect and the need to belong with another. This is unhealthy in the long run.

“We’re not even a speck if we look beyond the very earth we’re living in. Life is fragile. One never knows what could happen at the next moment, even the day after,” Alice expressed. “This is the ultimate purpose of the exhibition and workshops; to understand and appreciate the value of life and what it can offer if one looks further.”

Experience Peter’s creations now in which perhaps, one or two art pieces would speak to the mind and soul.

More exhibitions will be held in the near future. For information or bookings, look up Mein Ding Gallery Studio on Facebook. Alice and Linda can also be contacted respectively at 011 1444 9891 and 016 292 9303. Book two days in advance for time slots between 10am to 12pm or 3pm to 6pm.

Address: Sawmill Living Museum, Bukit Merah Wood Products, Lot No 59241, Jalan Lahat, Batu 4 1/2, Bukit Merah Industrial Estate, 31500 Ipoh.


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