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By Mei Kuan

Aimed to impart digital marketing skills to empower people to earn income online during the pandemic, the Family Wellness Club (FWC) Ipoh organised a 4-hour wellness empowerment programme cum training workshop at the FWC Hall at Greentown Square recently.

Held with strict adherence to the health and safety standard operating procedures, participants were made up of single mothers, young couples and professionals of all ages.

A collaboration with PurelyB, Asia and Malaysia’s leading health and wellness digital lifestyle brand, attendees were in for a real treat as the speaker and coach was none other than Raja Jesrina Arshad, Co-Founder and CEO of PurelyB.

The session kicked off with Jesrina sharing her entrepreneurial journey in building PurelyB.

From responsible health education to reviving Asian traditions in wellness for modern lifestyles, the goal of the one-stop portal is to make it easy, accessible and affordable for everyone to live healthier.

Besides empowering sustainable healthy living for the modern generation in Asia and across the globe, PurelyB is equally committed to promoting good health and improving the livelihoods of women and struggling, marginalised communities by providing training and job opportunities.

Conceived in March 2015 and launched in May the same year, the homegrown brand was one of the few startups in Malaysia selected for the Stanford Technology Ventures Programme in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

“In this current pandemic, the digital space becomes all the more important for entrepreneurs just starting out. This is why I reached out to Mangaleswary to see if there is a way that I can help to spread education about this. Digital space has always been part of my career and business. Thus during the pandemic, we were not affected whereas I can see everyone around me who were not able to adopt the digital environment really struggle. Their income and business cannot survive because they were so reliant on retail and on-ground space,” the amiable Jesrina explained to Ipoh Echo, citing that it was her first ever presentation in Ipoh. 

The Selangor girl had more an eight-year career in the fast-paced digital industry as a lead digital strategist at Astro Malaysia Holdings and Mindshare Malaysia.

“First and foremost, one needs to pay attention to user behaviour, see how your customers have changed. Look at where they are going instead. If they are no longer going to the shopping mall, where are they going instead? 

Secondly, really learn social media because that becomes your way of building a relationship and marketing to them. Content and community are the pillars, if you have that, then you can sell anything. However, you need to really be diligent by learning from existing sources and courses. Invest a little bit to just learn first so then you can start building your profile and community,” she shared.

“This pandemic has taught many people that they cannot rely on just one job or source of income. Those jobless now have been told to look for alternative sources of income. We have many people who are struggling now to put food on the table for their families. We are happy that Jesrina has agreed to come to Ipoh and share her journey into wellness as well as coach participants on how they can earn more income with digital marketing,” stated P. Mangaleswary, President of Family Wellness Club.

Each participant went home with a certificate of attendance and a unit of Pegaga, a traditional Asian superfood blend, a signature product of PurelyB.

PurelyB offers an empowerment agent programme where one can start selling and earn a commission from every sale at zero cost as it runs on a dropshipping model. For more information, visit its website at or email to

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