Letter: Parking Woes in Ipoh

We drivers in Ipoh often find parking in town to be a bit of a hassle due to the lack of parking spaces. This is not new and it has been getting worse of late except during the Movement Control Order period. 

Yet this is not the issue that makes my blood boil. What many of us find most annoying are the glitches in the digital payment system which is supposed to supersede the paper parking coupons.

In theory, it is a brilliant idea. It cuts down the use of paper, saves trees and prevents the littering of used coupons all over the place. Plus everyone has a smartphone handy—so it is hunky-dory, yes?

Unfortunately, the whole idea is good on paper only (pardon the pun). Only if the system works all the time or at least most of the time.

In reality, more often than not, the system is down. I have had two occasions where the system was down in the past week. Had many more earlier but not consecutively.

On one occasion I had the misfortune of being issued a fine by a vigilant parking attendant from the city council (MBI). On the other occasion, while I was not given a fine, the system registered parking for a whole day when I punched for only one hour.

On both occasions I felt that I was doubly diddled. Cheated twice over—once by paying in advance for the credit to the system and then still having to pay a fine of RM40; and the second time for being charged the fee for one day’s parking when I was only parked for one hour.

I am very sure that I am not the only one experiencing this—being done out unnecessarily. The people are bearing the consequences for the fault of the system and that is not right. It is high time for the MBI to improve their system and enable us to immediately report difficulties when we encounter such glitches, such as by giving all users a dedicated number to report faults.

Thank you.


Dr C. S. Nagara


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