Food Boxes for Orang Asli in Lenggong 

Menteri Besar Incorporated (MB Inc) continued their food box contributions to four Orang Asli settlements in Lenggong, Hulu Perak yesterday (December 1).

According to the chief executive officer of MB Inc, Anuar Zainal Abidin, as a corporate entity of government-linked companies (GLC) under the state government, MB Inc is doing its best to aid those affected by COVID-19 through CSR projects.

“The pandemic has brought a wide-scale effect to the citizens, especially rural residents whose extremely limited movements made it difficult for them to locate food sources,” he said.

“The contribution by MB Inc involved a total of 93 Orang Asli households at all four settlements, which are Kampung Sungai Karah, Kampung Takong, Kampung Bah 1 and Kampung Bah 2.

“This followed Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu’s advice that all Perak GLCs proactively help those in need, regardless of race, religion and political differences, in order to lessen their burden during these trying times,” Anuar added.

Previously, MB Inc had contributed food boxes to targeted groups in the whole state, including a few Orang Asli settlements, which involved around 10,000 households in total.


Rosli Mansor


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