Dam Water Release in Perak in Accordance with Procedures

The Chenderoh Dam in Perak is in a good and safe condition after undergoing a controlled water release process.

According to the managing director of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Power Generation Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Nor Azman Mufti, the controlled water release was necessary, following heightened water level due to continuous downpour at a wide rain catchment area.

Chenderoh Dam

“Up till today, the three dams that have undergone water release are the Sungai Perak power plant stations covering Bersia, Kenering and Chenderoh. This was carried out based on existing procedures to ensure a safe water level.

“Natural overflow of water was detected at the Kenyir Dam into Sungai Terengganu, although the amount of overflow is still within the river’s capacity,” he said in a media statement dated today (January 9).

Azman added, water levels at the Pergau Dam in Kelantan and Temenggor Dam at Sungai Perak power plant stations are still within release capacity.

Besides power generation, the main function of TNB’s hydroelectric dams is to control large amounts of water flow due to continuous heavy rain.

“TNB’s close-knitted collaboration with local authorities (PBT) and related agencies makes sure that water release processes are done in accordance with SOPs for the public’s safety.

“A series of preparatory briefings and emergency training have been held at TNB’s hydroelectric stations and offices to improve operational efficiency,” he mentioned.

For more information or complaints, contact the TNB Care Line at 15454.


Rosli Mansor



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