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Perak Man Art Trail Visual Arts Exhibition

The public will have the opportunity to admire 40 art paintings under the theme of the Perak Man Art Trail (PMAT) via an upcoming one-month exhibition beginning April 13 until May 13.

According to the Executive Councillor for Housing, Local Government and Tourism, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi, PMAT provides exposure to participants in exploring, tracing and recording valuable historical treasures left by the Perak Man in a visual arts perspective.

“The PMAT visual arts exhibition is hoped to revisit the history and civilisation left by the Perak Man to the communities, citizens and the state of Perak.

“This hard work and determination will be gazed upon and referred to by generations to come. It’s in line with the state government’s effort and mission to make Lenggong recognised as the second national geopark in Perak.”

She told reporters so after officiating the PMAT pre-launch ceremony at Casuarina Hotel @ Meru yesterday (March 19).

PMAT was held in three towns, namely Gerik, Lenggong and Kuala Kangsar back in November last year. The first expedition which involved 25 participants commenced plein air painting activities in Lenggong.

The second expedition took place in Royal Belum, Gerik. Some 30 artists were given the opportunity to create artwork on a houseboat while being enlightened on Perak Man’s history.

The third took place in Kuala Kangsar. This session involved plein air painting and brainstorming with 30 members of the Persatuan Pelukis Negeri Perak (PPPK), as well as 15 guest painters from Malaysian Arts Visual Associations (PERUPA), Perak Art Society and Malaysian cartoonists.

Meanwhile, Nolee announced that PPPK will be organising a national-level mural painting competition. It will highlight all national mural painters.

“The competition will retain the theme of PMAT at the same towns, which are Gerik, Lenggong and Kuala Kangsar.

“I’m notified that each district has seven to eight locations provided for participants to showcase their art talents. The association will announce this competition to the public when all matters are finalised,” she mentioned.


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