Malaysia Healthcare Salutes Nation’s Unsung Heroes 

Unveiling 100 stories from the heart

To commemorate frontliners’ efforts in combating COVID-19 a year since the announcement of the first Movement Control Order (MCO), Malaysia Healthcare unveiled an e-book highlighting the country’s journey throughout the pandemic. Titled ‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’, the e-book is a small gesture of gratitude and a huge reminder to all of us on our frontliners’ relentless spirit and monumental efforts in keeping COVID-19 infections under control. A copy of the e-book can be downloaded at

“Prioritising the overall safety of the nation, many frontliners have been voluntarily investing their time and energy for the greater good, often sacrificing their own wellbeing and commitments for the country. With ‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’, this noble act of selflessness is commemorated for everyone to draw inspiration from and continue soldiering their way through the pandemic,” said Yazmin Azman, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).

Yazmin Azman, Acting CEO, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council at the unveiling of Malaysia Healthcare’s A Hundred Unsung Heroes e-book

‘A Hundred Unsung Heroes’ provides a fresh perspective on the frontliner journey in Malaysia, documenting a hundred stories that showcase the grit and resilience of ordinary Malaysians in a national crisis. These stories, shared from the very hearts of the nation’s frontliners, cover various public and private sectors such as healthcare, the armed forces, police, immigration, non-governmental organisations, and e-commerce, and serve to remind all of the nation’s strength in pandemic management made possible through the instrumental support of these dedicated heroes. 

“Their stories are reflective of the Kita Jaga Kita spirit, reflecting our passion and commitment in going above and beyond in the toughest of circumstances. This initiative also underlines how the battle against COVID-19 requires a collective effort, not just from the frontliners but from the community as a whole. In this regard, we must continue to do our bit to combat the pandemic by following stringent Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to keep ourselves safe and extend our true support to the unsung heroes of Malaysia, furthering our recognition as the World’s Healthcare Marvel,” concluded Azman.

Frontliners gather to share their experiences in the battle against COVID-19 during a panel discussion
Yazmin presents a memento to Datuk Munirah Hamid during MHTC’s A Hundred Unsung Heroes event

In order to continue driving awareness on pandemic management, Malaysia Healthcare also announced a supporting initiative comprising a series of educational content to further drive home the message on the importance of SOP compliance and the 3Ws – Wash, Wear and Warn. The initiative will demonstrate how every individual plays a critical role in bringing an end to the pandemic, and continuously build Malaysia’s reputation as a safe and trusted healthcare destination. 

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