Indian Muslim Mosque Ipoh Continues Tradition of Preparing Bubur Lambuk

The Indian Muslim Mosque Ipoh continues the tradition of preparing bubur lambuk (spiced congee) throughout the month of Ramadan to be distributed to the city folk to break their fast. It has been a tradition of the mosque since 80 years ago.  

The Chairman of the Indian Muslim Mosque Ipoh, Shaik Mujiburrahman Mohd Yuusoff explained that it becomes the only mosque in the city to prepare bubur lambuk with mutton cooked with more than 16 types of spices.

According to him, a total of eight pots of bubur lambuk is prepared daily by three cooks, alternating between rice porridge and mutton bubur lambuk.

“We allocated RM1000 a day covering 150kg of rice, cooking oil and other ingredients including the addition of 40kg of mutton. 

“Our bubur lambuk recipe, from ingredients to taste, has remained the same for 80 years.

“The cooking usually begins as early as 8am at the mosque kitchen and would be completed by 1pm. This year, the distribution of bubur lambuk is done earlier, beginning at 4pm in accordance to the standard operating procedure (SOP) set by the authorities.

“The volunteers of the mosque will monitor the distribution, and if needed we will set up tents at the premises to avoid long queues,” he said.

Members of the public who come to the mosque only need to bring their own food container. 

Shaik Mujiburrahman explained that the practice is aimed at not putting a lid on distribution. 

“Over 75% of those who come for the bubur lambuk are Malays, especially for the mutton bubur lambuk. We also allow anyone, including non-Muslims, to come and take the bubur lambuk as one of the mosque’s approaches in preaching the religion,” he added.


Rosli Mansor


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