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The Vegetarian Cooking Competition 2021 organised by MHS Perak Welfare & Social Development was held on April 18 at YSRK Hall First Garden. It was co-organised by the Perak Caring Association with the support of Malaysia Hindu Sangam Perak State, the Perak Department of Women Development, and Baba’s. 

The closing ceremony was graced by Kavarama Subramaniyam, the Director of the Perak Department of Women Development, and VN Pon Santhiran, Chairman of Malaysia Hindu Sangam Perak State.

Fifteen women from different walks of life participated in the event, including those from B40 families, single mothers, professionals, and housewives. Contestants were required to cook  vegetarian cuisines for a set lunch with one drink and one dessert by using Baba’s products (sponsored by Baba’s). All contestants were provided with a portable stove and a cooking time of two hours. The dishes were assessed according to taste and creativity in cooking, presentation techniques and cleanliness.

Cash prizes for the top five winners included a trophy, a certificate from JPW, a chocolate bouquet, a portable stove and a hamper from Baba’s. Consolations prize winners received certificates, trophies, hampers from Baba’s, and portable stoves. 

The contestants’ dishes were judged by a panel of international food experts for their creativity, flavour, use of ingredients, cleanliness, and cooking skills. A member of the panel was Chef Sivaji, MasterFood Culinary Master of the Malaysian Chef Association. 

The event was part of an initiative that aimed at getting mothers excited about vegetarian cooking and encouraging them to choose healthier food options for their families, especially their children to encourage the consumption of vegetables.

The event was led by Pathma Devi, Head of MHS Perak State Welfare Section; Pn. Zubaidah, Deputy President of Perak Caring Association; Mrs. Nageswari, Vice President of Perak Caring Association; Naomi Joy, Malaysia Hindu Sangam Welfare & Social Development Committee Member; and Mr Subramaniam, Welfare & Social Development Secretary of Malaysia Hindu Sangam Perak State.

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