Instill Reading Habits Among All Individuals

The Executive Councillor for Housing, Local Government and Tourism, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi stressed the importance of reading among not only students, but the general public as well.

According to her, the biggest challenge in this era of technological advancement is to instill interest in reading books and materials with predominantly words.

“The state government is working hand-in-hand with NGOs and the State Public Library Corporation (PPANPk) to intensify this effort.

“We’re aware of this underlying issue where people prefer to look at pictures and/or videos to understand the gist of anything rather than words. 

“At this age, we encourage group reading where members can then share their thoughts and opinions about a certain book or even material that they read, subsequently retaining their literary interests through communication, instead of keeping to themselves.

“After all, reading is considered a therapeutic process and serves as food for the mind.”

She told reporters during a media session after the ‘Jom Baca Bersama Untuk 10 Minit’ (Let’s Read Together for 10 Minutes) programme at PPANPk earlier today (April 22).

It was simultaneously held across the country in conjunction with World Book and Copyright Day celebrated every April 23.

Nolee Ashilin represented the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad.

Also present were the chairman of the directorial board for PPANPk, Jamilah Zakaria, who’s also a state assembly member for the Trong constituency and acting director cum librarian, Suraya Ariffin, among others.


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