Only Valid Reasons for Interstate Travels on Weekends

The permission for interstate travel on Saturdays and Sundays would still be considered by the police (PDRM) by factoring in valid reasons such as for work and emergency.

The people are advised to not misunderstand the matter as the instruction is aimed to prevent misuse by those who take advantage of the leeway.

Bukit Aman Internal Security and Public Order Department Director, Datuk Seri Abd Rahim Jaafar explained that the police can still exercise discretion based on priorities.

According to him, permission can be given for cases involving emergencies like death of immediate family members and matters which occur out of one’s control including work requirements.

“The instruction is subject to allocated matters, but if emergency cases occur, approval for interstate travel can be considered with certain documents as proof. The same goes for work matters which occur on Saturday and Sunday,” he told the press after the launch of the book titled “69 Komando: Lahad Datu 2013” at Ulu Kinta Camp yesterday (April 21).

Abd Rahim added that the police will carry out house-to-house spot-checks just like during the previous Aidilfitri celebration in order to inspect interstate travel permission letters. The police are also ready to face the coming festive season by increasing safety measures and patrols to enforce the laws for the common good.

Previously, the media reported that the police would only approve interstate travel applications for Mondays till Thursdays only, with six reasons to be considered including work purposes, emergencies, death of immediate family members, medical purposes, education and long distance married couples.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Datuk Seri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani stated that the step to tighten application terms was taken following the recent increase of new positive cases of COVID-19. Thus, application for movement on weekends would not be approved with the exception of emergencies, deaths and long distance married couples.


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