More Trees Needed in Ipoh to Manage CO2 from Cars

More trees were planted by the Lions Club of Perak Silver State in line with the Low Carbon City 2030 initiative by Ipoh City Council (MBI).

According to the MBI City Councilor for Zone 14 (Pasir Pinji), Dr Richard Ng, who’s also the president of Lions Club, at least 25 trees sponsored by MBI have been planted by the club, in addition to the four planted at Kinta Heights Flats today (April 22).

“The trees which comprised tecoma (trumpet bush) and libidibia ferrea (Brazilian ironwood) are tagged with QR codes that provide information such as who planted them and when they were planted when scanned. Each costs around RM350 to RM600, depending on the species.

“It is a crucial step in educating the public to plant more trees instead of chopping them down. Trees take around 10 years to mature to an average weight of 1,000kg, which they are then able to absorb at least 3,500kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) yearly.

“The amount is still low compared to the usual saloon cars that produce 4,600kg of CO2 every year. Thus, many more trees are needed to balance out the amount of CO2 emission in the city of Ipoh,” he told reporters after the programme held in conjunction with World Earth Day celebrated every April 22.

Also present were the state assembly member for Buntong constituency Sivasubramaniam Athinarayanan, as well as City Councillors Mohammad Iskandar Abdul Rahman and Ganesan Athinarayanan.

Also during the event, residents of the flats participated in the ‘Trash 4 Food’ programme to contribute recyclable materials in exchange for groceries.

“Hopefully, given time, Kinta Heights will become one of the best flats managed by MBI in terms of cleanliness and greenery,” he expressed.


Chris Teh


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