MBI to Find Best Solution for Traders’ Issues at Ipoh Wholesale Market

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) has never implemented the concept of monopoly in the trade of ice to the traders at the Ipoh Wholesale Market (Pasar Borong Ipoh) as all businesses are conducted according to the respective licence permission.

The ice business at the Ipoh Wholesale Market was licensed to a sole ice trader at the wholesale market who once complained about the issue of an ice business without licence by a fish trader in 2016. 

Investigations found that the Fish Wholesaler Association (Persatuan Pemborong Ikan) appointed the fish trader to supply ice to its members, who were also fish traders, at the wholesale market with the reason that the rate offered by the sole ice trader was too high.

However, a complaint on the same matter was raised once again in February by the licensed ice trader in 2019.

Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin stated that following the claim, the MBI and the representative of the Wholesale Market Traders Association have come to an agreement that a committee be formed for further discussion to resolve the claim.

According to him, the matter was decided upon during a meeting with the representative of the traders, non-government organisation (NGO) and other agencies including the police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and Immigration Department at the MBI meeting hall today (April 23). 

“There are no other ice traders with a business licence at the market. The Fish Wholesaler Association has appointed one of the traders there to supply ice to its association members who are also traders and fish license holders.

“Following that, we have given a verbal notice to the trader to halt the activity or his business licence could be revoked. Presently, the trader is in compliance with the matter. At the same time, I urge the traders association to discuss within their community to provide suggestions to the MBI regarding the ice trade such as on the number of ice suppliers needed,” he told the press after the meeting with the traders association.

The Ipoh Wholesale Market located at Menglembu Industrial Area has 298 traders covering 13 types of businesses. It is made up of 226 Chinese traders, 58 Malay traders, 12 Indian traders and 2 from other ethnicities.

Previously, the media reported on the urge from the Gabungan Pertubuhan Bukan Kerajaan Perak (an NGO) to the MBI to be strict in handling issues of ice traders without licence and foreign workers at the wholesale market.

The NGO claimed that the problem is impacting the licensed traders and is in need of immediate action from the authorities.

On the matter, Rumaizi stated that no foreign traders are allowed to operate at the wholesale market, although there are some traders who hire foreigners illegally.

“There are some traders who employ Rohingyas as workers, we will refer the matter to the police and Immigration Department for necessary action.

“At the same time, the MBI will strengthen the collaboration with the related agencies to ensure that business activities at the Ipoh Wholesale Market run according to the set rules,” he said.


Rosli Mansor


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