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Panjut Buluh Tok Pa Enlivens Hari Raya Aidilfitri During MCO 3.0

Despite the gloom of the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO), it does not mean the celebration of Syawal month (first day being Hari Raya Aidilfitri) is alienated.

Besides ketupat and lemang, the celebration is incomplete without oil lamps to light up the night of celebration, as usually practiced in villages.

Speaking on the traditional oil lamps, Mudzafar Irfan, 23, an entrepreneur of panjut buluh (oil lamps made out of bamboo sticks), has been occupied with completing customers’ orders of the oil lamps since the early month of breaking fast.

Mudzafar, who initially made panjut buluh out of interest, has turned it into his source of income at Kampung Pengkalan Pegoh in Lahat.

A manufacturing technology diploma graduate from Vocational College (KV) Temerloh in Pahang, Mudzafar learnt the art of making panjut buluh by following in the footsteps of village seniors.

According to him, he started creating panjut buluh seriously as a means to tend to his aging grandparents. He markets the oil lamps via digital media platforms using the name ‘Panjut Buluh Tok Pa’.

He added that customer requests are highly encouraging and as of date, more than 700 sticks of panjut buluh of various sizes have been sold including to customers out of Perak, especially Selangor and Penang.

“Panjut Buluh Tok Pa is made using hard bamboo sourced from residents of Kampung Ulu Kluang in Chemor and Orang Asli communities.

“Three types of panjut buluh between four to 12 wicks are produced, with a price range of between RM18 to RM22 per stick. Our oil lamp stands are also made of bamboo,” he told Ipoh Echo when met recently.

Known not only for its aesthetic qualities, panjut buluh is also able to enliven the spirit of Aidilfitri celebration, reminiscent of hometown merriness back in the days.

Apart from Mudzafar, the business of Panjut Buluh Tok Pa is aided by three others, who are also graduates of Pusat Giat Mara, to produce around 100 sticks of panjut buluh per day.

Mudzafar’s expertise in making panjut buluh caught the attention of parliamentary member for Ipoh Timur federal constituency, Wong Kah Woh, who reserved orders to be distributed to more than 30 households at Kampung Pengkalan Pegoh to enliven the Aidilfitri celebration.

A recipient of the Cooperative Entrepreneurial Pioneer Award 2017 while pursuing higher studies at KV Temerloh, Mudzafar also makes other bamboo-derived products and accepts reservations for various crafts.

Those who would like to order panjut buluh may contact Mudzafar via WhatsApp at 018 366 9450.


Rosli Mansor


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