No Rebate Provided to Business Tenants

Some 20 kiosk traders at Mydin Meru Supermarket expressed their disappointment for having to pay monthly rent without receiving any rebate as hoped.

One of the clothing traders, Noratikah Muhd Umar, 26, who has been operating since 2018 said she was displeased with the statement of Scenic Prima Sdn. Bhd regarding rent payment.

“I have paid the rental bill of RM4,000 for May although I only operated four days in that month without profit.

“Our business hasn’t been operating for two months now due to the Movement Control Order 3.0 (MCO 3.0). The sad thing is that we are asked to pay the same amount of rent if we want to continue the business when the MCO is lifted. Otherwise, we have to close our business.

“We hope the management can provide rebates or discounts to ease our burden,” she said in a media conference on the protest of business site rental of Mydin Meru supermarket today (July 15).

Scenic Prima Sdn. Bhd. is a company that manages business site rental and shop rental of Mydin Meru supermarket. It is understood that almost 100 tenants are renting the business sites including shops.

Meanwhile, the management representative of Scenic Prima Sdn. Bhd. failed to provide any statement regarding the complaints of the traders involved but had instead asked them to refer to the management of Mydin headquarters.

Head of Property Management and Facilities Division of Mydin Mohamed Holding, Mohd Azwan Ahimmat, when contacted said that the management had made an application to the building owner for provision of rebates to the tenants involved for June and July.

“The management of Mydin had given a 100 percent payment exemption with a total worth RM1.2 million to Scenic Prima Sdn. Bhd. during MCO 1.0 while no rebate was given during the MCO 2.0. The rebate we provided should be given to the tenants as well.

“During the MCO 3.0, a 30 percent rebate was offered to the management for Mydin Bukit Jambul and Penang while for other branches, the rebate will be announced later due to the uncertain COVID-19 situation and affected businesses.  

“We do not know whether the rebate is also offered to tenants or not because it’s out of Mydin’s control,” he said.


Rosli Mansor


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