Beware of Scam Involving Takeover of WhatsApp Accounts

The public are advised to be wary of the existence of frauds and scams aiming to take over users’ WhatsApp accounts.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in a statement said various tactics are used to trick users into submitting a six-digit verification code received from WhatsApp.

“The verification code is generally received by users for verification purposes. For instance, when one is changing their phone number on WhatsApp.

“Users who are being deceived will lose their WhatsApp account as it will be taken over by the scammer,” the statement said.

MCMC urges users to be wary of suspicious requests for the six-digit verification code from messages of friends or family members, or calls from strangers or any party claiming to be WhatsApp staff as well as other parties like the authorities.

MCMC advises victims of the account takeover fraud to follow the steps in the link to get their WhatsApp account back.

“Users are reminded to never hand over their WhatsApp verification code to any party. 

“This is to protect oneself from any possible criminal act. Victims can also make complaints and lodge police reports on account intrusion at the nearest police station,” he said.  

Reports can also be made at MCMC via the MCMC complaint portal at or email or WhatsApp 016-2206262.


Rosli Mansor


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