Hot and Dry Weather Expected Until September

The dry and hot weather in the country is due to the Southwest Monsoon which is expected to continue until mid September this year.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) said that during the Southwest Monsoon, the wind usually blows from the southwest with lower air humidity, thus causing hot and dry weather.

According to the statement, this situation results in a lack of rain cloud formation during this period. Most places across the country will experience more days without rain than rainy days.

“However, heavy downpours as well as strong winds and lightning may still occur on the west coast of the Peninsular and west coast of Sabah in the early morning,” said MetMalaysia in a press statement today (July 22).

MetMalaysia added that no heat waves have been detected in Malaysia to date and the department is constantly monitoring the status of heat waves throughout the country from time to time.

According to MetMalaysia’s monitoring till July 21, no area in the country is exposed to heat waves.

“The MetMalaysia meteorological station did not record temperatures above 35℃ for three consecutive days,” the statement said.


Rosli Mansor


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