Care Centres in Sitiawan Appeal for Donations

By the Old Folk’s Welfare Association, Manjung, Perak

Twenty years ago, in the downtown area of Sitiawan, one could always see a figure known as a “licensed beggar”, who was always busy trying to raise funds all day long no matter the weather. His only purpose was just to let a group of elderly and orphans, all whom he wasn’t even personally acquainted with, have shelter, food and clothing, and feel the warmth of the world.

He is the respected Mr. Yong Kon Fatt, and he was raising funds for the Manjung Old Folks Welfare Care Centre and Hong Yuan Orphanage in Sitiawan. 

At first, the nursing home was located in a rented building near Looking Good Hawker Centre, while the orphanage was set up in a house in Rose Garden. With Yong’s constant effort of running around and receiving support from enthusiasts, they are the only nursing home and orphanage in Manjung district that do not charge any fees.

The two homes finally had their own building in Taman Desa Manjung in 2008. Tan Sri Kong Cho Ha officiated the opening of both the Old Folks Welfare Care Centre and Hong Yuan Orphanage. It’s been 19 years since their establishment; the Old Folks Welfare Care Centre and Hong Yuan Orphanage now have their own management, with 20 old folks and 18 orphans living in each home respectively. 

As with many similar establishments, the operation of both Manjung Old Folks Welfare Care Centre and Hong Yuan Orphanage have unfortunately been affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The committee is reaching out to the public for support in helping to keep the homes going during these tough times. 

Donations can be channeled to the following bank accounts: 

  • Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Manjung Perak 


Payee Name: P K W T  A/C  NO 2

Public Bank 3130897105

  • Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak Kanak Yatim Rumah Wawasan Manjung, Perak 


Payee Name: Rumah Wawasan

Public Bank 3119421727


For more information, one may contact Mr Yong Kon Fatt at 019-5532806.


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