Durians Distributed to Media Members in Perak

One tonne of durians were distributed to the media practitioners in Perak as a form of appreciation towards their tireless work in bringing in news around the clock.

According to the Executive Councillor for Agriculture, Plantations and Food Security Razman Zakaria, it is part of a continuous distribution programme dedicated to frontliners of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“In actuality, the media has also contributed a lot during the pandemic. They’ve risked their health safety in ensuring that accurate and verified news reaches the public.

“To express our gratitude towards their entrusted responsibilities, we took the opportunity to distribute the king of fruits to members of the media for free.”

He said after distributing the durians to around 20 media personnel from various publications in the state today (August 6).

Previously, some RM300,000 were allocated by the state government towards purchasing durians from badly affected orchard operators due to the pandemic, preventing the fruits from being needlessly discarded.

Razman also distributed durians to staff of vaccination centres (PPV) and roadblocks (SJR) around Perak. 

For further reading, refer to this article by Ipoh Echo.


Chris Teh


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