Durians Distributed to Frontliners in Perak

Some five tonnes of durian were distributed to frontliners stationed at roadblocks (SJR) and vaccination centres (PPV) in Perak.

According to the Executive Councillor for Plantations, Agriculture and Food Industry, Razman Zakaria, the durians were also distributed to staff members of COVID-19 Low Risk Quarantine and Treatment Centres (PKRC).

“The distribution is a form of appreciation towards frontliners’ sacrificial efforts in helping to cease transmission of COVID-19.

“Coincidentally, the durian season is ongoing, thus we took the opportunity to purchase the durians and distribute them to SJRs, PPVs and PKRCs in the state.”

He told reporters after having the durians distributed to 260 staff of the Stadium Indera Mulia PPV today (August 4).

Razman added, the distribution will also help in preventing dumping of the king of fruits as sellers are facing trouble marketing them.

“We’ve received complaints from durian farm operators regarding the issue due to the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO), resulting in a limited market for durians.

“As such, the state government, along with the Exco’s office, tries to help by purchasing the fruits and distributing them,” he mentioned.


Chris Teh


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