Urging the local council to address the garbage issue, flash floods frequently occur in Sungai Siput

By Aida Aziz

SUNGAI SIPUT: Flash floods that have plagued residents in the surrounding areas here for years are  still unresolved.

It is understood that during heavy rain or in its season, the area is often inundated, causing damage to homes, shops, and buildings.

Furthermore, a survey on Jalan Tun Samy Vellu, near the recent Al-Ghuffraniah Mosque, found that heavy rain caused flash floods, leading to damaged and stranded vehicles.

According to resident Faridah Abdul Hamid, 47, the issue is not new and many complaints have been lodged.

However, she claims that the main issue causing the problem remains unresolved due to the increasing number of housing estates and the delayed collection of garbage by the local authority, the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council (MPKK).

“It wasn’t as bad before, but over time, more areas started flooding during heavy rain, compounded by numerous new housing estates.

“The central area of Sungai Siput is often hit by flash floods, near the police station and fire department.During floods, road users have to move to higher ground near the petrol station and wait until the water recedes.

“We were fortunate that the recent flash flood near Al-Ghuffraniah Mosque occurred at night, so there were fewer cars. Imagine if it happened during peak hours from 5 to 6 in the evening, many would be stranded.

“The root cause is garbage, the responsible authority, MPKK, should be more proactive and ensure regular garbage collection. Sometimes the schedule is irregular, causing garbage to rot and fall into the drains,” she said.

She further stated that although the matter has been raised with the relevant authorities, the issue persists, and flash flood problems remain unresolved.

“If you look, the drains here are deep and large enough, efforts have been made by certain parties to widen them, but it seems this issue is not resolved.

“For me, Sungai Siput seems neglected; MPKK needs to be more progressive, and if they appoint cleaning contractors, ensure they do their job properly.

“Previously, garbage was collected every two days, but now it’s irregular, action is only taken when new complaints are made. When garbage isn’t collected, irresponsible individuals dump it in the drains.

“Uncollected garbage also often attracts stray dogs, which then concentrate in this area,” she added.

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