Solar Energy System Installation Completed in July

Electric Bills Reduced by 22 Percent

The Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin urged citizens and other parties in authority to consider lessening the usage of fossil fuels which contribute as one of the highest volumes of carbon release into the atmosphere.

According to him, carbon release is a catalyst of climate change, which was proven true in recent days.

“As latest global news have reported, ice masses in the North Pole are melting at rapid rates  due to global warming, which causes sea levels to rise.

“This is considered a climate crisis, in which if prolonged, 10 percent of the Earth’s surface will possibly be submerged. Parts of Peninsular Malaysia also will not escape that effect. 

“We need to remember that the process is irreversible, unless we start changing our daily life habits.

“One of the ways is via usage of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy. 

“Solar energy has the potential to save the environment through the reduction of carbon release by around 70 percent.”

He told reporters during a media session at the Perak Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) in Ipoh after reviewing installation of solar panels on top of the building, today (September 1).

Also present was the chief retail officer of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Perak, Ir. Mohd Azhar Abd Rashid.

“The solar panel system installation here at UTC was completed by the end of July, as per schedule.

“Not only is the energy system in line with the Ipoh City Council’s (MBI) effort to make Ipoh a sustainable and livable city; it is able to save RM47,964 in electric bills for the first year duration of the project.

“In the month of August this year, the system reduced electric bills by 22 percent, thus proving its usefulness in energy efficiency.

“For information, the council has engaged in the Low Carbon and Smart City Action Plan through cooperative efforts with a multitude of companies, TNB included, in achieving the Sustainable Smart City initiative by 2030.

“This will enable the city to be developed collectively,” Rumaizi added. 

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