More Solar Panels to Be Installed in Ipoh 

Controlled Tourism Spot at Gua Matsoorat

More Solar Panels to Be Installed in Ipoh 

Ipoh City Council (MBI) plans to install more photovoltaic (PV) solar panels at building rooftops and abandoned floor sites around town.

According to the Mayor of Ipoh, Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, this is a continual effort to progress the city towards reduction of dependency on non-renewable energy sources derived from fossil fuels.

“Fossil fuels contribute to carbon releases, which is detrimental to the environment.

“When solar panels are installed everywhere around Ipoh, not only will we be able to achieve a state of energy efficiency; the air quality will also be improved,” he told reporters during a media session after MBI’s monthly full board meeting at the council building today (March 30).

Rumaizi added that plans are in  to install solar panels next at Stadium Indera Mulia and Velodrome Rakyat, both within walking distance of each other..

“This is in a way similar to a solar farm concept,” he remarked.

For further reading, refer to this article by Ipoh Echo.


Controlled Tourism Spot at Gua Matsoorat

In a separate matter, Rumaizi stated that Gua Matsoorat has been proposed to be made open for controlled prehistoric tourism activities and that it’ll be the very first of its kind in the entire country.

“Those who want to enter the cave need to be in a group of maximum four persons and they shall be accompanied by a tour guide at all times.

“Other than that, they must firstly apply for a permit with Ipoh City Council (MBI) before being allowed entry into the preserved cave site,” he explained.

It is slated to open on April 1. Rumaizi mentioned that the cave is one out of two sites identified for controlled tourism, the other being Tambun Cave.


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