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One primary cause of death has been associated with coronary artery disease, a common cardiovascular disease in Malaysia with 15 percent of total medically-certified death in 2019. Studies revealed that among the Malaysian adult population, some 38 percent of adults are diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) while 25 percent are unaware they have it.

In a collaborative effort, four industry forerunners, AstraZeneca, DoctorOnCall, National Heart Institute (IJN) and Prudential Malaysia set in motion a public awareness campaign, ‘Protect Your Heart Now’, in view of the rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the country. Aimed to educate the people as well as to leverage digitalisation of healthcare, the campaign is in line with the World Heart Day which is celebrated annually on September 29. 

A month-long public awareness virtual campaign, Protect Your Heart Now which will be held from September 11 to 12, empowers the public with knowledge to protect their heart with access to information concerning heart health and ways to mitigate risks before it is too late. 

The activities included are healthy cooking sessions, fitness sessions to care for your heart and health talks on cholesterol management by medical experts. Besides that, participants can also register for health screenings and seek treatment from doctors.

According to the IJN Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Dr Aizai Azan Abdul Rahim, IJN, as the country’s heart specialist center, plays an integral role in educating Malaysians on the importance of heart health on the account of there being a significant correlation between one’s heart health and wellbeing. 

“We have been running various educational and awareness-raising initiatives since our inception. Given the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in Malaysia, we also greatly welcome this collaboration as we can curb this obstacle with the support of other stakeholders in the medical sector,” he expressed. 

Early detection, adequate awareness and a conscious effort to minimise any unforeseen circumstances can help reduce the risks of unmanaged cholesterol levels. “At AstraZeneca, we remain committed towards playing a key role in supporting Malaysia’s battle against NCDs by invigorating our healthcare ecosystem with solutions beyond the pill.

“This collaboration encapsulates our ongoing commitment to incorporate digitalisation in healthcare with the introduction of digitally-enabled patient pathways which goes along with the government’s vision for innovation and the digital transformation of healthcare,” Country President of AstraZeneca Malaysia, Dr. Sanjeev Panchal, highlighted.

Dr. Sanjeev explained that the two-day virtual campaign would help the public better manage their heart health via digital resources, platforms and solutions. He hopes that the initiative will speed up the use of innovative digital healthcare solutions, elevate and promote healthcare access as well as improve health outcomes among the public. 


A journey towards smart healthcare

Digital platforms come into play when providing an effective and accessible healthcare ecosystem for the people, and a facile access to updated medical information—tracking their health and seeking consultation of healthcare professionals—at their convenience. 

CEO and Co-Founder of DoctorOnCall, Maran Virumandi, said a computerised healthcare system is beneficial with its ability to impart instant access to care from the comfort of one’s home, which is something not possible through conventional methods.

Pulse by Prudential

The launch of its all-in-one super app, Pulse by Prudential in 2019 has provided a launchpad for the insurer to expand beyond its core protection offerings to become a partner in its customers’ health journey, helping them prevent, postpone and protect against the onset of diseases.

“We are delighted to be partnering with AstraZeneca, IJN and DoctorOnCall for this initiative. The Protect Your Heart Now virtual event is timely as during these unprecedented times, more people are embracing digital health tools to play an active role in managing their daily lives. Pulse by Prudential is our way to deliver accessible healthcare to all Malaysians and to help people get the most out of life,” said Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, Lim Eng Seong. 

Download Pulse by Prudential to monitor and acquire health info for free. The mobile application can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

One can register for the virtual event starting September 11, at https://www.protectyourheart.com.my/ or from the Pulse mobile app to begin their journey to a healthier heart. 


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