Updates on Ongoing Food Aid Programmes for the Needy

By Mei Kuan and Gisele Soo


  • Outreach Food Pantry by Perak Women for Women Society (PWW)

Aimed to aid the needy, a food pantry initiative has been organised by the Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) since August 16 last year.

It kicked-off with a pop-up food pantry at the PWW Shop where the underprivileged can drop by and take what they need with no questions asked, be it dry groceries, toiletries or food aid. 

Currently, the local NGO is reaching out to the community by establishing a food pantry at three locations: Kg Tai Lee, Spooner Rd and Kg OA at Kg Sg Genting in Chenderiang.

During the FMCO in May till August, at least 4,000 families have benefitted from the outreach programme. 

The cabinets of food placed at the three spots serve the locals there every week: a total of 200 families for all three pantries.

In order to sustain its ongoing effort, PWW is in need of donations in cash or kind. Readers who would like to lend a helping hand can contact PWW via its Facebook page.



  • Free Food Programme for the Needy by Sun Heng Curry Noodles

Sun Heng Curry Noodles initiated a free food programme for the needy which began on July 3 and was set to go on for 100 days.

Over 100 boxes of cooked food of various kinds are prepared daily, which are then distributed at the front of the shop following the Standard Operating Procedures in the morning.

Gary Soh, the owner of Sun Heng Curry Noodles observed that people would queue up as early as 9.30am, thus the team usually begins distribution at 10.30am.

“Every Friday, vegetarian meals are distributed. Currently we are giving out 150 packets of cooked meals per day,” he explained.

“The shop’s profits go towards the initiative, in addition to sponsorship from friends, both monetary and in kind like vegetables,” he stated, adding that he also supports the effort with his personal savings as business has been declining in the pandemic.

Those who would like to donate can contact Gary directly at 012-503 5888. One can also visit the restaurant to drop off contributions in the donation box.

Another way to assist is for readers to patronise the restaurant. Sun Heng is famous for their curry noodles and also their wide assortment of takeaway dishes. Read also what Ipoh Echo’s Food Diva SeeFoon has to say about some of Sun Heng’s dishes here.

Established in 1995, Sun Heng Curry Noodles is located at 19, Lorong Cecil Rae, Canning Garden, 31400 Ipoh. For more updates, visit its Facebook page.

People queueing up for Sun Heng’s free meals



  • Soroptimist International Ipoh: Food Donation to Underprivileged Families  

With funds collected from the public, members, families and friends, the local non-governmental organisation (NGO), Soroptimist International Ipoh (SII) provided free meals to the EduFun centre families at Bekor Flat First Garden around Ipoh last year.

The organisation also donated iPads to underprivileged children via EduFun for remote studies. EduFun is a centre run by SII. 

Currently, SII has contributed grocery packs including rice, cooking oil, bread, instant noodles, curry powder and bihun to support some 2,200 families in Ipoh and Batu Gajah. 

In September, the ongoing initiative extended to distributing vegetables and cooking necessities to Bekor Flats in First Garden on a weekly basis. 

In addition, SII also delivers food aid such as basic necessities and toiletries to the B40 communities in Ipoh and Sungai Siput. 

According to its president, Kimberly, many have approached Faiz requesting assistance during their EduFun food initiative. 

“We believe that during this bleak time where many are suffering from unemployment and financial stress, we should extend our help and in doing so, will bring sheer happiness to the families,” Kimberly highlighted. 

It is only by feeding the hungry that the community can build a brighter future for the children and women. This is in line with SII’s fundraising tagline, “Feed Hunger Build Future”.

SII hopes to improve the livelihood of women and children via education, empowerment as well as eliminating violence against women and to ensure their participation in conflict prevention and resolution, which has not been achieved yet.

Those who would like to chip in can contact Kimberly at 012-5968933 or transfer directly to Soroptimist International Ipoh’s Public Bank account 3151382533. The organisation will be able to carry out more initiatives to help the underprivileged with your kind assistance. 

For more information, visit their Facebook page.  

Food aid distribution at Bekor Flats


  • ‘Our Daily Bread’ to Feed the Needy

Ann Tan, who organised a charity bake drive with home bakers in Ipoh, distributed baked goods to the community via the help of various local non-profit organisations (NGOs). Her charitable act, which ended last month in August, was a means of giving back to the community. 

The baked goods including 2,803 loaves and 1,706 buns were distributed to PWW, Soroptimist International Ipoh (SII), Canning Methodist Canning Garden, Methodist PJ, Methodist Seremban, Sun Heng food bank, Lighthouse Hope Society, and Persatuan Rejuvinasi Pemikiran Masyarakat dan Hidup MTB.


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