Ipoh’s Pandemic Angel

Only someone with the dedication and caring heart like social activist Muhammad Faiz bin Abdullah, who makes it his mission to go around helping others, could have transformed the Bekor Flats in First Garden from the way it was to the way it looks now. 

Often working jointly with NGOs Perak Women for Women (PWW) and Soroptimist International Ipoh (SII), Faiz has been working ceaselessly in not only setting up food deliveries to the B40 groups in various locations around Ipoh during this pandemic.  

Faiz’s hard work paid off when he eventually inspired the residents of Bekor Flats to join in the duties and work together in cleaning up the area. In the meantime, Faiz also presented some suggestions to spruce up the garbage site to state assembly member (ADUN), Jayaprakash. 

To prevent the recurrent problem from persisting, he highlighted in his suggestion that a good start would be to set a designated site to dispose of household waste. The proposal has ultimately received agreement from the ADUN of the area.

The below recommendations presented by Faiz have also been approved:

  1. Restore the garbage house with proper waste bins to regulate the disposal of rubbish. At the moment, the litter bins cannot be pushed in or out, hence, trash is being dumped at the residential garbage site improperly without the bin. The accumulated junk pile makes it difficult for garbage collectors to pick up, and it eventually has to be removed via JCB Tracked Machinery and trucks.
  2. Replace the two missing trash bins that were stolen from one of the rubbish sheds at the Bekor Flats.
  3. Install a door at each garbage shed to prevent scrap metal thieves from stealing materials to trade or sell. It will dislodge and scatter the trash everywhere on the floor. 
  4. Build a fence facing the residential area to prevent littering on the road by local residents in the neighbouring area. 
  5. Provide a trash bin for each household in the residential area so rubbish can be disposed of in a decent manner, and prevent pests and rodents from rummaging through the waste. With proper bins, the residents will throw their garbage responsibly.

Besides greatly helping improve the long neglected cleanliness of Bekor Flats, Faiz is also voluntarily involved in the formation of a new residential committee there since last year, together with PWW and SII, to help the residents. As a result, a handful of proactive residents in the committee have further encouraged constant maintenance of the flats. 

He hopes to see positive changes in the community and to raise awareness on solving their own problems instead of abandoning them. “Feeding them will not be enough in the long run, so I want to encourage them to learn to stand alone and fend for themselves as well as to overcome the negative attitude and amp up their positive mindset.”

Bekor Flats before and after removing the piled-up trash
Newly installed fences around the flats

Currently, he is engaged in promoting a sense of unity among the residents at Permai Flat where he has set up a WhatsApp group chat to ensure there is communication among the people. Although it might seem like a strenuous task, he believes that with faith nothing is impossible. 

“I genuinely hope we should help one another in times of crises. Helping the needy will help them lead a better life.” 

If you ever see Faiz around in Ipoh, don’t be shy to give him a friendly wave and thank him for caring. This man deserves recognition. 


Gisele Soo


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