Simpang Pulai – Cameron Highlands Route Now Accessible to Light Vehicles

Federal Route FT185 Jalan Simpang Pulai to Blue Valley, Cameron Highlands 43.95km is now accessible to light vehicles through a temporary diversion.

The Public Works Department (JKR) said in a statement that the 450-metre detour road is not open to heavy vehicles.

According to the statement, the diversion adjacent to the location of the landslide is a temporary route for light vehicles not exceeding five tonnes.

“Heavy vehicle users are advised to use the alternative route FT59 Jalan Tapah to Cameron Highlands until further notice.

“Landslide control and repair works are being actively carried out on site for the safety and comfort of road users.

“Road users are also reminded to always abide by the instructions and diversion signs when using the road to avoid unwanted incidents,” the statement said.

Previously, the route was completely closed to all vehicles due to a 30-meter landslide caused by continuous heavy rain that led to the weakening and destabilisation of the soil structure along the hillside.

Due to the incident on September 17, the road in Section 43.9 was closed to road users from 9pm on the same night.


Rosli Mansor


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