Three Villages in Sungai Siput Hit by Flood, Residents Evacuated

Residents from three villages in Sungai Siput had to be evacuated since last night after their homes were flooded due to flash floods.

A total of 97 residents from 20 families comprising 44 men and 53 women were affected.

A spokesperson for the Perak Fire and Rescue Department explained that the heavy rain since yesterday evening had caused water to overflow into low-lying areas.

According to them, three temporary relief centers (PPS) were opened at 12 midnight last night and efforts to evacuate the residents were done by the rescue team and assisted by the villagers.

“Three PPS are in Dewan Lintang which houses 21 victims, followed by PPS Dewan Tok Sirat (61) and PPS Sekolah Kebangsaan Lasah (15).

“The victims are from Kampung Chior and Kampung Tok Sirat in Lasah and Kampung Lintang,” said the spokesperson.

Currently, the rain has stopped in the morning but some areas are still inundated with water up to a level of about 0.9 meters.

Periodic monitoring is still being conducted by the fire department along with other rescue agencies to monitor the flood situation.


Rosli Mansor


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