PSPA: Kickstart with Music Workshop

What can you see in a glance? In music, through noticing the articulations, melodic and rhythmic patterns, the keys, expression and dynamic markings, one can identify the style and character of the piece!

PSPA’s special speaker, Ms Shweta is an experienced Scientific Hand Analyst, Master Coach, who is gifted in giving advice on your strengths and guiding you on the best career path, as per your inborn talent to empower you to make your passion into a profession by just a glance at your hands!

It’s not palmistry and fortune telling.

Kickstart with Music Workshop 6

Date : 3 October 2021, Sunday

Time : 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Venue : PSPA Facebook Live

Click the registration link HERE to register for this complimentary music workshop. Three lucky early registered participants will receive cute ceramic soup bowl sets each!



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