MBI Enforcement to Conduct Patrol on Curbing Vandalism 

Acts of vandalism in the community is not a new issue and has become a culture that damages a city’s image.

Mayor Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin@MD Daud expressed his disappointment at the report of a newly-installed public bench at the field of Taman Perpaduan Koperasi being vandalised. 

“It’s saddening that the vandalism occurred a few days after the installation which was aimed to provide convenience and comfort to the public.

“Ipoh City Council (MBI) bears the cost of hundreds of ringgit to replace the damaged facility. 

“The facility should be taken care of collectively and not to be destroyed or made as a spot to vent anger.

“MBI hopes that everyone can play their role in taking care of facilities provided. Plain-clothes enforcement officers of the MBI will be tasked to patrol around the fields and recreational parks to ensure that the same incident does not occur again,” he said. 

Rumaizi also appealed for cooperation from the public in order to curb acts of vandalism. 

Reports can be made to the MBI at 05-251515 or via WhatsApp to 019-5503083


Rosli Mansor


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