Concubine Lane is Still Quiet

Although the interstate travel ban has been lifted, the tourism spots around Ipoh are still observed to receive less visitors. 

Inspection of Ipoh Echo at Concubine Lane, a small alley between Jalan Bijeh Timah and Jalan Bandar Timah, found that it is among the impacted spots.

Tan Lee Hong, one of the ice ball traders, observed that the number of tourists to Concubine Lane have lessened, affecting her business. 

“Sometimes I have less than 10 customers. Concubine Lane is not as lively as pre-pandemic. 

“Many of the souvenir shops and cafes also remain closed. I hope the COVID-19 will end quickly.

“If there are no tourists, how are the traders going to continue their businesses? Site rental, shop rental and employees’ salaries have to be paid,” she said during the interview. 

One of the visitors, 43-year-old Rubiah Nordin from Sungai Siput was surprised at the dull and quiet atmosphere around Old Town, especially at the historical Concubine Lane.

“My wish to get some souvenirs here might not materialise as many of the shops are not yet open. The lane is very quiet, unlike before the pandemic. 

“Maybe the public is still cautious to avoid COVID-19 infections. This situation will take time in order to return to how it used to be. However, if this situation continues, it will surely impact the traders here,” Rubiah expressed.

Concubine Lane is also known as “Yi Lai Hong” in Cantonese which means “The Mistress Lane”. It has been in existence since 1908 and was owned by a tin mining tycoon at the time. 

Rosli Mansor


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