Grab Malaysia: Food Trends Report to Boost F&B Growth

This uncertain time has led to the rise of food delivery, with many people now opting to utilise digital platforms in ordering food rather than visiting restaurants in person. According to a consumer survey by Grab, there is an 87 percent growth in food delivery across the nation.

With healthy food being the most popular choice among consumers, the F&B (food and beverages) businesses on GrabFood have increased by three times last year compared to the year before (2019). 

The Grab’s Food Trends Report serves to gear its merchant partners toward business growth by introducing additional tools to ensure they stay on top of the game. They need to understand what the consumer wants in order to cater to their taste and needs and boost their business. 

It is necessary for merchants to identify their customers’ consumption behaviour as well as who these people are. Based on the Food Trends Report, some 52 percent are married with a family. 

The report also deep dived into several focal points including consumers’ go-to food and the time of order, among others. One of the top-searched food categories is fast food. However, seven out of 10 users prefer a clean meal, for instance, those with salads, wraps, soup and sandwiches. This shows that ingredients also play a role in their decision. 


Four key points that make consumers click

The goal is to ensure high quality of food as it is one of the main contributory factors that drives order traffic. According to the report, 70 percent of customers are less likely to return to a store when they encounter quality problems.

Merchants need to price it right; lower priced items can lead to more purchases. List items in increasing price order to spur higher basket value. In addition, offering promotions such as free delivery promos will increase value for money perception. Merchants who participate in promos on GrabFood see 20 percent to 30 percent growth in sales. 

Having combo sets can boost orders by 50 percent. Everybody loves ‘add-on’; drinks, dessert and appetisers as the top three preferred add-ons by Malaysians.  


The Director of Commercial and Partnership, Grab Malaysia, Tan Jiong Jian hopes that the Food Trends Report will empower F&B businesses with essential insights about the food delivery industry so that they can make use of GrabMerchant tools to adapt to diverse consumer behaviours and keep up with emerging trends. 

“Grab is deeply committed to supporting our partners’ growth and will continue to invest in building useful tools and providing relevant upskilling opportunities for them.”

Download this to read more on how you can leverage and learn the tools to boost your food business performance based on new consumer trends.


Gisele Soo


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